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About the trail

The Sycamore Nature Trail at Symmes  is a resource for the environmental education of students in Sycamore Community Schools.

On Montgomery Rd (about 2 1/2 miles north of where it crosses 275), turn right on Enyart Rd. at the stoplight.

Park to the left of Symmes Elementary School , 1820 Enyart Rd., Loveland OH 

It sits on 10 acres of land behind Symmes Elementary School  and has over a half-mile of trail alongside a year-round creek

The trail is available to all responsible members of the community but we do ask you to follow a few guidelines:


  1. Don't go on the trail during school hours. People get nervous when even innocent looking folk go skulking about.

  2. Leash your pets. Wildlife on the trail deserves a little respite.

  3. Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. Better yet, tread lightly :)










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