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     Forests are places where you can strengthen family bonds. These activities will help you teach children how to appreciate and understand the natural world around them.        

     Chances are you’ll also have fun watching your child’s face light up with wonderment and curiosity

Nature Activities for Families

Activity 1 - The Shape of Things
We depend on all of our senses – touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing – to gather impressions of our environment. In this activity, children will focus on the many shapes that are found in both natural and built environments.


Activity 12 - Invasive Species
Throughout history, people have intentionally and unintentionally moved plants and animal species to new environments. Some of these species have proved beneficial, but others invade natural habitats causing environmental and economic harm.

Activity 2 - Get in Touch With Trees

By way of neighborhood trees and a mystery box, children will explore their sense of touch and discover different shapes and textures in nature.




Activity 13 - We All Need Trees
Children are often surprised to learn how many different products we get from trees. Use this activity to help children learn just how much we depend on trees in our daily lives.

Early Childhood Activity 6: Evergreens in Winter
Evergreen trees offer a sensory overload! Through these experiences, children will touch, smell, see, hear, and taste the season of winter. Consider trying these experiences year-round in areas with our without snow.


Activity 21 - Adopt a Tree
In this activity, children "adopt" a tree, deepening their awareness of individual trees over time and encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of their local environment.

The following links are from Project Learning Tree, modified from their PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. 
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