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Activity 22 - Trees as Habitats
From their leafy branches to their tangled roots, trees provide a habitat for a host of plants and animals. In this activity, children will inventory the plants and animals that live in, on and around trees, discovering how plants and animals depend on trees in many ways.


Activity 41 - How Plants Grow
A plant is a living system. It needs sunlight, water, air, nutrients, and space to function and grow. In this activity, children design an experiment to test these requirements.




Activity 64 - Looking at Leaves
In this activity, children will take a closer look at leaves and find out more about leaf characteristics and how leaves can be used to identify plants.






Activity 70 - Soil Stories
In this activity, students explore differences in soil types and composition.








Activity 79 - Tree Lifecycle
Students will discover that trees have a lifecycle that is similar to that of other living things.

Activity 23 - The Fallen Log
It’s amazing how many things live in and on rotting logs. In this activity, kids become familiar with some of those organisms by observing fallen logs. They’ll gain an understanding of how decomposition takes place and a better appreciation for microhabitats and communities.


Activity 45 - Web of Life
In this activity, children will learn about food webs, discovering the many ways that plants and animals of a forest ecosystem are connected.





Activity 65 - Bursting Buds
 In early spring, the tiny, bright green leaves of many trees burst forth. Where do the leaves come from? How do they form? In this activity, children will find the answers to these questions through observation and research.



Activity 76 - Tree Cookies
One way to learn about tree growth is to look at annual rings. Tree rings show patterns of change in a tree’s life as well as changes in the area where it grows. In this activity, you can trace environmental and historical changes using a cross section of a tree, or “tree cookie.”

Activity 25 - Birds and Worms
In this activity, students will discover the value of camouflage as they pretend to be birds in search of colored worms.







Activity 61 - The Closer You Look
All children, no matter their age, have an idea of what a tree looks like, but many are unfamiliar with the actual structure of a tree. In this activity, children will go outdoors to take a closer look at trees and their parts.


Activity 67 - How Big Is Your Tree
Trees come in various shapes and sizes. In this activity, children will measure trees in different ways and become familiar with tree scale and structure. They will also learn the importance of standard units of measure and measuring techniques.


Activity 78 - Signs of Fall
In this activity, children look for signs of autumn. They observe the annual change of seasons, and investigate why leaves of deciduous trees change color in the fall.

The following links are from Project Learning Tree, modified from their PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. 
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